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Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Is Being Happy the Goal of Marriage?

ZZZZMarriageIs being "HAPPY" the goal of a marriage (God's way Man & Woman)? Many people blurt out stuff like "I just want to be happy or I'm happy in my marriage". The answer is "NO"...happiness is NOT the goal of a marriage; though obviously we desire an enjoyable one. The goal of marriage is Ministry; to glorify Christ in your God-given purpose & doing so in one accord. When THIS is our focus, then "to be equally yoked" will be better understood/followed. Don't be fooled by marriages that APPEAR to have it all together. Most are not even functioning to their BEST potential or God-ordained capability.

Every successful marriage faces challenges, but some FAKE it very well. The goal is not to think alike, but to think TOGETHER with the

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Monday, October 6th, 2014

Abortion Guilt Relief


     Many these days are privately carrying the GUILT of their past selfish decision to abort their child.  Some days they don't think about it and other days they are overwhelmed in a good cry because the suffering in their soul still exists.  Though many times you have wondered: "What in the world was I thinking of? or "How stupid of me" must understand that there is FORGIVENESS because of the Cross.  Not only has this selfish act of your past been paid for, but your future has been provided for.  Furthermore, get it right with God through Jesus, live for God & one day you will reunite with your CHILD in heaven.  Oh what a GLORIOUS & JOYFUL day that will be.  Your child will NOT hold it against you because in heaven there will be no tears, no sorrows, no guilt, no pain, no bitterness &

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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Breaking Unhealthy Soul-Ties

SoulTie We need to be VERY careful who and what our soul ties to. Why? Because living with an ungodly or unhealthy relational SOUL-TIE will take the wind from our sails. We can become powerless, sadly addicted & living in bondage.

An ungodly soul-tie comes from an illicit affair, an EX, a Booty Call you just can't say "NO" to or any type of SEX before marriage or during a marriage (Adultery). SINGLES are more prone to these ungodly soul-ties...especially if they have been with multiple SEX partners. If you keep entertaining an affair as such without DESTROYING it...your life will become a private prison.

So if you are entangled with somebody you have no business being tangled's time you BREAK this soul-tie NOW. Here are Three (3) steps in how to break it:

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Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Church Size

ZZZZZCHurchI'm all for expansion and explosion in the Kingdom of God, but not at the expense of manipulating or entertaining people for my selfish gain. The Pastor is suppose to love & attend their sheep...not abandon or mislead them. They are the anointed & appointed leader that help the sheep "RiseUp" in their faith, wisdom & spiritual maturity (Navy Seals for God). Instead many are sadly focused on quantity rather than QUALITY! Whoever said the "size" of the church is an indication that God's blessing it? It very well may be, but you can be in the PERFECT will of God in a small church as well. There is no Biblical teaching that indicates that the size of a church is a measure of success.

It does the Kingdom no good to "grow out" if we're not growing UP. I personally rather have a dozen people I'm taking to ...Read More>>