Tuesday, April 1st, 2014



We will question ourselves, we will get confused, get tired, lonely and angry, but nothing can take the place of continued persistence in the journey towards our destination.  I've known people with Masters Degrees, mega talent and Genius IQ levels...not be completely successful because they lacked in determination, resiliency and persistency.  Challenges & Obstacles will come to ALL of us making life interesting.  However, overcoming them makes life that much more fulfilling.  

We have to understand that the person who "gives up" accomplishes NOTHING, but the one that "keeps pressing" can change the world.  Little by little (gradually).....one can travel VERY far, but of

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Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Addictions & Tainted Love

Addiction FreedomWhen a person REALLY means business to move forward RIGHT or is "sick & tired of being sick & tired"...they DO more & SAY less. They STOP associating with that person or people or places or things in the circle of their addiction (No FBook, Texts, Calls & Visits). They STOP doing things that activate triggers & FEED the bondage they are trying to get out of. 

They START preparing a "game plan" and follow it up despite many days of not wanting to do certain things it requires. They dont resist the game plan, they are patient with the process & they go with the flow. Wheather it's DETOX or DISTANCE from the person...they stick their head inside like a turtle, bunker up & prepare for the FIGHT of their lives for "withdrawals" are coming. 

Here is the KEY

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Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Overcoming Loneliness


One of Satan's main tactics is to convince you that nobody cares & everybody is against you...that you are ALONE in your STRUGGLES.  Dismiss this LIE & Refuse to be a LONER.  You have to believe that God created PEOPLE to be there for you in times of need.

LONELINESS is NOT a lack of Affection, but a lack of DIRECTION! When you dont know your PURPOSE...you wont know who belongs in your life or what to strive for.  Loneliness is a spirit that preys on the hearts and emotions of vulnerable people.

Many of us are walking around with a sense of being unappreciated, unrewarded & overlooked causing some pain in our Soul.  Just know that many have walked in your shoes & their TIME came were God's Supernatural caught up with the Natural.

Life is

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Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Don’t Follow The Herd

ZZZHerdI've always strived on being "UNCOMMON" because nobody can be ME.  I've noticed most people simply do what's "society popular" without getting much results.  I usually enter to the left of a Movie Theatre because most folks will go to the right.  If most people want to go one way...I consider the opposite way just in case they are wrong.

I did another "uncommon" thing by starting my New Year's resolutions on December 1st because I wanted to FINISH STRONG.  I wanted to be running when January 1st came along while the herd was about to start their's.  Think about it, the gym will be packed in the first 2-3 weeks of January to were you can't hardly get a workout machine.  People will be making all types of plans rooted on emotion, rather than committment.   I will be already running towards my goals and

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