Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Church Size

ZZZZZCHurchI'm all for expansion and explosion in the Kingdom of God, but not at the expense of manipulating or entertaining people for my selfish gain. The Pastor is suppose to love & attend their sheep...not abandon or mislead them. They are the anointed & appointed leader that help the sheep "RiseUp" in their faith, wisdom & spiritual maturity (Navy Seals for God). Instead many are sadly focused on quantity rather than QUALITY! Whoever said the "size" of the church is an indication that God's blessing it? It very well may be, but you can be in the PERFECT will of God in a small church as well. There is no Biblical teaching that indicates that the size of a church is a measure of success.

It does the Kingdom no good to "grow out" if we're not growing UP. I personally rather have a dozen people I'm taking to ...Read More>>

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Honoring Your Parents

photo Do you want to live a LONG TIME? In Exodus 20:12 it says "Honor your father and your mother, so that YOU may live LONG in this land." I don't care who your parents are...none of us showed up on this planet by accident. God's sovereignty has chosen the time/place you were going to live & who your parents would be. We Honor & Respect them...not because they are perfect, but because God is perfect. Do NOT live with distance, unforgiveness or taking them for granted because then you are putting yourself in the position of being God. This is the FIRST commandment attached with a PROMISE & neglecting it is doing YOU a disservice.

If we reject our parents, we are rejecting God’s perfect will for our life. To honor our parents is to respect them...despite ALL of us being flawed individuals as well. If you have resentment ...Read More>>

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Inner Beauty

ZZZZZBeauty I'm all for improving our Exterior to look our best (Chapter2 of my book talks about it), but NOT when you are more focused on it than growing internally. What good is it to have the best makeup, fashion clothes & right hairstyle (I dont qualify here) if your INSIDE is carrying a VOID? You can fool the "average Joe", but God knows your passion for Him is dying as you continue down your self-sufficient slippery path of non-vibrancy.

1) God deposited in you plans, purposes & gifts to be used for His Glory which will also make you "COME ALIVE" inside. When your "looks" determine your worth...you've missed the powerful essence of CHARACTER. Change your MIRROR by focusing on INTERNAL self-worth that comes from God instead of people. Someone's OPINION of you does not need to be your REALITY.

1) When you do this...you can wear a used Goodwill outfit if need be & still shine like a ...Read More>>

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Teen Parenting Guidelines


 ZZZZTeens2When it comes to TEENS or young adults...lots of wisdom, patience & love is required.  I've learned a few things from my own parenting personal experience that I will like to share with you.  I pray it becomes very helpful to you as you do your BEST in your parenting role: 

1) Love your son or daughter unconditionally. Lots-Lots of Love-Love! 

2) Don't expect anything from them...just Give-Give-Give LOVE as YOU are the adult.  Ask God to deposit MORE love in your heart.

3) Do NOT take things personally or defensive.  They don't need it as they already feel pretty crabby with their mood swings.  The last thing they ever want to do is disappoint you.  Kicking them when they are down does no good.

4) Pray for

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