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Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Eye Candy


      I'm all about being Fit, Healthy & Sexy, but not when we put more emphasis on our Physical Attributes than our Soul and Spiritual inner man. Unfortunately, in today's society we're esteemed more by the way we look.  Social Media and best picture cropping...brings out a beyond glamorous appeal for those with great looks, big boobs, tight butts & steroid induced bulging muscles. However, let me ask you a question...what's the MAIN PRIORITY or INTENT of your life's message? What else do you have to say besides looking all wonderful? Why isn't there any Encouragement, Inspiration or Inner Depth in your Social Media posts for others besides it being all about you?

     A point to consider is that others watching these "all about me"

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Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

God FIRST….Not Material Things


     MATERIAL THINGS are good, but if left unchecked....these EARTHLY GAINS can develop a false sense of security, arrogance & pride if you put them in the wrong perspective (before God). When we SEEK these things more than God who is the BLESSER Himself...our priorities are basically out of order (wrong) and there won't be much attention given to Him.  How can you tell if God is FIRST in your Life or Not?


1) Are you ATTENDING Church on Sunday or During the Week (Thursday 8PM Services) or are you using this time to go to the Beach or stay home to Watch TV?

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Saturday, May 9th, 2015

Hopeless Situation

ZZZZHopeless    There is no such thing for a Child of God "Rooted" in Jesus Christ to live in a hopeless state of mind! We ALL experience pain, hurts, sufferings, confusion & challenges. However, if you don't see a way out of these circumstances it's because you are focused on SELF rather than on the ANCHOR of your soul who won't let you drift further into despair. Stop leaning on your own understanding and trust in the GREAT I AM! It may be worse than it seems, but God is about to make it better than it is.  This world offers hopeless endings, but JESUS offers endless hope!

       In conclusion, forget ALL the reasons why it wont work and just believe the ONLY reason why it will.  In the life of every BELIEVER there is HOPE for tomorrow.  There is ALWAYS a FIX to a “dead-end” situation when God is involved.  Hold on

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Saturday, April 4th, 2015

DOUBT Removal


     After Jesus was CRUCIFIED...I'm quite certain His disciples had doubt and unbelief that He was Our Savior despite them witnessing miracles/healings daily.  John The Baptist also doubted Jesus The King after he was put in prison despite witnessing the TRINITY at work (Jesus The Son coming to him for Baptism, the Dove (emblem of the Holy Spirit) landing on Jesus & then God speaking from heaven "This is my beloved Son whom I'm well pleased").
     Doubt brings instability and indecision which paralyzes.  It has actually killed more dreams and purposes than FAILURE ever will!  How do you REMOVE your Doubt?  Allow me to share Three (3) ways: 1) You REMEMBER what God has done for you in the past.  2) You maintain a THANKFUL attitude despite your temporary inclination to doubt.  3) You operate in FAITH by

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